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Naming the Theatre
Dr. CurtisBrea's Country Doctor
Dr. Glenn Curtis established his practice in Brea in 1927, continuing until 1958, when ill health forced his early retirement in 1959. He became known as one of the outstanding general practitioners in northern Orange County and was referred to by others as Brea’s Country Doctor.

His activities reached out from the then small community of Brea where he lived. Many patients came from larger towns to seek his help, which included the rich and the poor and no one was denied admittance or attention.

There is little doubt in the minds of those who knew Dr. Curtis that his dedication to his community of Brea was real.

Although his life as a doctor was a busy one, he managed to find time for many other pursuits, including his abiding interests and love for the arts. His energy was unbounded. Everything he did was in great zest and enthusiasm. He was intensely interested in community, civic, and government affairs. He was also known for practical jokes that he would play on several of his friends.

We are all fortunate that in 1981, our theatre was dedicated to this exceptional individual, Dr. Curtis.

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