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Urban Coyotes
Urban Coyotes
Coyotes sightings are increasingly common in urban areas. These predators have adapted well to changed conditions such as prolonged drought and building encroachment upon former open space. Residents must be very proactive in keeping them at bay. Wild animals can lose their natural fear of humans and become more aggressive when they find convenient food sources in urban settings.

Never leave pet food or garbage outdoors for these scavengers to claim. Do not leave your pets unattended outdoors. It is important that children be taught from an early age to avoid any strange animals. Remove thick brush and fallen fruit that may provide potential shelter or a food source for them. Never attempt to feed any wild animal.

Some animal lovers are under the mistaken impression that providing a food source for coyotes at a particular location might keep them from prowling neighborhoods. However, this is not a solution and in fact can increase the dangers to children and small pets. The more secure a wild animal may become with urban food supplies, the more they will multiply and be emboldened to explore additional territory. 

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife maintains authority over coyotes. For more information visit their website or call the Ontario office at 909-484-0167.

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